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37 Powerful Money Affirmations with Amazing Photos


Are you tired of not having enough money?You can change that by using these affirmations.Money affirmations are very powerful!Repeat them as often as you can.

Change your negative beliefs about money and you will begin to attract money into your life.You will be surprised how quickly everything will change.


You can use these affirmations to change your mindset and attract more money into your life.


I am rich.

I have more money then I need.

I love my bank account.

My banc account is full of money.

money affirmations

I have a wealth mindset.

I deserve to be rich.

I was born to be rich.

I am a money magnet.

money affirmations

I am financially free.

Money comes to me easily and effortlessly.

Everyday I  am becoming richer and richer.

I am aligned with the  energy of abundance.


I am worthy of wealthy life.

Money adores me.

Everyday I am attracting more and more money.

I am surrounded by abundance.

– Powerful Money Affirmations – 


I have a beautiful life.

The Universe is conspiring to make me wealthy.

I embrace new avenues of income.

My actions create constant prosperity.


I deserve abundance in my life.

I am magnet for money.

Prosperity is drawn to me.

There is no limit to the amount of money I am capable of earning.



Money simply falls into my lap.

My positive attitude is attracting money.

I chose to live a rich and full life.

I am grateful for everything that I recive.


I only think thoughts of wealth and abundance.

I love and respect money.

I have more money than I can spend.

I reclaim my money power.


I naturally attract money.

I have a millions of dollars in multiple bank accounts.

It’s easy for me to change my money story.

I attract money in my sleep.

money affirmations

I love money.I love my life.I am rich.

– Using these affirmations you will change your beliefs about money and you will begin to attract money to yourself. –

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