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50 Best Birthday Quotes with Video


50 beautiful  birthday quotes and great video just for you.Enjoy.

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1. “The way I see it,you should live everyday like its your birthday.”-Paris Hilton

2. “On your special day ,I wish you good luck.I hope this wonderful day will fill up your heart with joy and blessings.”-Unknown

3. “Celebrate your birthday today.Celebrate being happy every day.”-Unknown

4.”Happy birthday to the greatest gift I have ever received.I love you.”-Unknown

5. “Someone I love was born today.”-Unknown

6. “Happy birthday!I hope this is the beginning of your greatest,most wonderful year ever.”-Unknown

7. “Today is your day.Dance with fairies,ride a unicorn,swim with mermaids,and chase rainbows.”-Unknown

8. “Happy birthday!Your good looks are living proof,that Mother Nature sometimes wins  the battle with Father Time.”

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9. “Every year on your birthday,you get a chance to start new.”-Sammy Hagar

10. “You have to get older,but you don’t have to grow up.”-Unknown

11. “Life is a journey.Enjoy every mile.“-Unknown

12. “I wish I could turn back the clock.I’d find you sooner and love you longer.Happy birthday.”-Unknown


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13. “All the world is birthday cake,so take a piece ,but not too much.”-George Harrison

14. “I still remember how happy I was when I first laid eyes on you. I’ve been proud ever since.Happy Birthday!“-Unknown

15. “You don’t get older.You get better.”-Shirley Bassey

16. “Thinking of you on your birthday and wishing you all the best!I hope it is as fantastic as you are!”-Unknown

17. “How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you are?”-Unknown

18. “Just remember,once you’re over the hill you begin to pick up speed.”-Charles Schulz

19. “Everything I know I learned after I was 30.”-Georges Clemenceau

20. “I think all this talk about age is foolish.Every time I’m one year older,everyone else is  too.”-Gloria Swanson

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21. “Count your age by friends,not years.Count your life by smiles,not tears.”-John Lennon

22. “Wisdom goes not always by years.“-Catalan Wisdom

23. “Age is a matter of feeling,not of  years.”-Washington Irving

24. “It’s not the years in your life that count.It’s the life in your years.”-Abraham Lincoln

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25. “Years wrinkle the skin,but to give up enthusiasm wrinkles the soul.”-Samuel Ullman

26. “Life should be lived with a smile on your face and no one does a better job of putting  one on my face than you.Happy birthday!”-Unknown

27. “As you grow up ,make sure you have more dreams than memories,more opportunities than chances,and more friends than acquaintances.“-Unknown

28. “Nature gives you the face you have at 20,but it’s up to you merit the face you have at 50.”-Coco Chanel

29. “No matter what life throws at us,I will always have your back.Happy birthday!”-Unknown

30. “May you have all the love your heart can hold,all the happiness a day can bring  and all the blessings a life can unfold.Happy birthday!”-Unknown

31. “Celebrate your birthday today.Celebrate being happy every day.”-Unknown

32. “On your birthday may your spirit be enriched in light,love,and hope for prosperous year ahead.”-Unknown

33. “You was born an original,don’t die a copy.”-John Mason

34. “Warmest wishes to you on your very special day.I hoppe that  you continue to change the live of others with your  positivity,love ,and beautiful spirit.”-Unknown

35. “Happy birthday,friend.May your day be as beautiful as you.”-Unknown

36. “With every birthday  I hope you open your eyes to see not what has been,but also what has yet to come.”-Unknown

37. “Age is merely the number of years the world has been enjoying you.Happy birthday!”-Unknown

38. “I wish I could turn back the clock.I’d find you sooner and love you longer.Happy birthday!”-Unknown

39. “Let’s celebrate this day like there’s no tomorrow!”-Unknown

40. “Today you are you!That is truer than true!There is no one alive who is you-er than you!”-Dr.Seuss

41. “There are two great days in a person’s life-the day we are born and the day we discover why.”-William Barclay

42. “The more you praise and celebrate your life,the more there is in life to celebrate.”-Oprah Winfrey

43. “With mirth and laughter let old wrinkles come.”-William Shakespeare 

44. “The secret of staying young is to live honestly,eat slowly,and lie about your age.”-Lucille Ball

45. “No wise man ever wished to be younger.”-Jonathan Swift 

46. “Youth is happy because it has the ability to see  beauty.Anyone who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old.”-Franz Kafka

47. “Don’t regret another birthday,the good news is that you are alive and can celebrate it.”-Catherine Pulsifer

48. “To me birthday means,celebrating the presence of an individual in our lives.”-Meena Bajaj

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49. “Today is the oldest you have been and the youngest you will ever be ,make the most of it.”-Nicky Gumbel

50. “In other words ,live vicariously ,beautifully,excitingly,discover,love,dare,and act as there is nothing to lose.”-Andy Hertz

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