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Top 15 – Money Quotes with Amazing Photos

-Money Quotes-


Powerful  money quotes with amazing images  just for you.

Do you want to be rich?

You have to change your mindset about money and abundance ,and money will come to you.You have to think and feel like you are already become a millionaire.When you change your energy to that of abundance,you welcome money into your life.

Just love and appreciate the money and everything will change.Be grateful for what you have now,love your bank account.

Never say: I can’t afford this,I can’t buy this.

Money is energy .Be careful what you are saying.Changing your money mindset you can attract more money into your life .You can be  rich .You just have to believe it.

Imagine having a dream car ,a dream house.What would that feel like?Wonderful,right?You can visualize the life you want to live.You can have everything what you want!The Universe is on your side.

Just love  money and money will love you!

Are you ready to have a beautiful,rich life?

Read these 15 powerful money quotes  and enjoy.


money quotes

1. “Money is usually attracted,not pursued.”-Jim  Rohn

2. “A wise person should have money in their hand,but not in their heart.”-Jonathan Swift

3. “You must gain control over your money  or the lack of it will forever control  you.”-Dave Ramsey

4. “Never spend your money before you have earned it.”-Thomas Jefferson

5. “Money is only a tool.It will take you wherever you wish,but it will not replace you as the driver.”-Ayn Rand

money quotes

6. “If you would be wealthy,think of saving as well as getting.”-Benjamin Franklin

7. “There is gigantic difference between  earning a great deal of money  and being rich.”-Marlene Dietrich

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money quotes

8. “The goal isn’t more money.The goal is living life on your terms.”-Chris Brogan

9. “Money is a tool .Used properly it makes something beautiful;used wrong,it makes a mess.”-Bradley Vimson

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10. “Put not your trust in money ,but put your money in trust.”-Sr.

11. “Money can’t talk ,yet it can make lies look  true.”-South Africa

money quotes

12. “Money is sharper than the sword.”-Ashanti Wisdom

13.   “Rule No.1: 

Never lose money.

     Rule No.2: 

Never forget rule No.1.”

– Warren Buffet

money quotes

14. “Money is the key that opens all locks.”-Welsh Wisdom


15. “Money is not required to buy one necessity of the soul.”-Simplify Simplify

– I hope you enjoyed these amazing money quotes.And I hope this money visualization video will inspire you to change your attitude about money.Visualize money every day.Be thankful for what you have now,and you will begin to attract more and more money to yourself.